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Nucleus Biotech GmbH (Heidelberg, Germany) provides enabling reagents and services to researchers in academia and industry, located in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

r Management Team:

Dr. Michael Ehret, Founder and Managing Director


After finishing his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology Michael started his industry career at Stratagene Germany in the Tech Support and Marketing departments. In 1995 he joined CLONTECH Laboratories, and was running their German and Swiss subsidiaries very successfully. In the year 2000 he decided to found BioCat, which he was leading for 17 years. Nucleus Biotech which was founded in January 2020, is Michael´s new venture – the mission is to focus on cutting edge technologies and provide core reagents and services to life science researchers.

Dr. Elke Gamer, Product Manager

Elke studied Molecular Biology with a profound background in different life science disciplines. After finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Hamburg and a PostDoc position at the Institute for Human Genetics Heidelberg she moved on to the life science research supply industry. Due to her scientific background and the experience gained from working in product management positions at Stratagene, AGS, Hybaid and BioCat, she is extremely knowledgable and gained excellent skills. Elke is your competent partner and supports you concerning Nucleus Biotech´s product applications to facilitate your research.

Our Partnerships:

Nucleus Biotech is working with selected companies who offer highly innovative tools:


Our alliance with Cellecta (Mountain View, Califormia), a leading manufacturer of pooled lentiviral RNAi and CRISPR libraries, enables scientists in our area to apply the newest screening approaches:

… to name just a few.

One key advantage are Cellecta´s high-efficiency lentiviral systems, which can also be obtained from Nucleus Biotech as reagents for your in-house lentivirus production.


Our partner Celemics (Seoul, South Korea) proactively pioneers and adapts to the everchanging NGS market with their cutting-edge hybridization capture technology to support our customer’s needs. Celemics use a special algorithm for designing hyb capture probes with superior coverage and uniformity and produce their biotinylated RNA Baits by a proprietary two step manufacturing process in house. This enables the most versatile portfolio of targeted NGS panels available today including themost comprehensive Whole Exome Sequencing Panel on the market, a Respiratory Virus Panel covering the genomes of 39 virus strains, oncology panels for germline and somatic mutation analyses, Clinical Exome Panels to detect mutations relevant in hereditary diseases and specific panels for cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic hereditary diseases and many more. All Celemics targeted sequencing solutions are supported by a Full Data Analysis Service if required


Eclipse BioInnovations is an RNA Next-Generation-Sequencing company founded in 2017 based on technology developed in Professor Gene Yeo’s laboratory at UC San Diego. Eclipse’s founders developed eCLIP-Seq, the world’s most efficient and unique CLIP-seq technology for identifying RNA binding protein gene partners and gene maps (van Nostrand et al. , Nature Methods 2016 and Nature 2020).

The portfolio of Eclipse BioInnovations comprises the following product lines:


Biosampling Renvented – that is the slogan of our supplier MAWI DNA Technologies from Hayward, California, who developed the iSWAB™ device which enables swab-based non-invasive sample collection and mechanistic release of cells to a stabilization buffer in a concentrated manner for room temperature transport and long term storage. The system is available for the collection and room temperature preservation of microbiomes, DNA, RNA, proteins, cells, and blood drops. The iSWAB-Microbiome device is also the ideal solution for COVID-19 sample collection.


Paragon Genomics from Hayward, California, have developed the CleanPlex Amplicon Panel NGS Technology, the most sensitive and cost-effective targeted NGS method with higher multiplexing capacity than any other amplicon panel based NGS approach.  Nucleus Biotech is pleased to offer premade CleanPlex NGS Amplicon Panel Kits for Oncology, Hereditary Diseases, and SARS-CoV-2 research, pre-designed NGS amplicon panels for more than 100 application areas, as well as customized NGS panels developed for your project.


Based in Seattle, Washington, Phase Genomics was founded in 2015 by a team of genome scientists and software engineers with the mission to empower scientists with genomic tools that accelerate breakthrough discoveries. The company applies Hi-C and other proximity ligation methods to enable metagenomic deconvolution, chromosome-scale genome assembly, as well as analysis of structural variation and genome architecture. Our partner offers a comprehensive portfolio of laboratory and computational products and services. These include complete proximity ligation (Hi-C) sequencing kits for animals, plants, fungi, microbes, and human samples, as well as industry-leading genome and metagenome assembly and deconvolution software.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Synbio Technologies (Monmouth Junction, New Jersey), who aim to become the most trusted provider of DNA solutions that empowers scientific discoveries by providing highly-accurate and cost-effective synthetic biology services and products for researchers around the world. Founded in 2013 by a group of passionate synthetic biologists with decades of industry experience and a proven track record of delivering cost-effective DNA solutions, Synbio Technologies is incorporated with a single mission in mind: empower scientific discoveries by providing access to the world’s most advanced synthetic biology tools and services. Its dedicated team of experts and progressive DNA technologies enable researchers, scientists, synthetic biologists, and drug developers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the life sciences. Synbio Technologies have developed a full range of DNA reading (sequencing), DNA writing (synthesis), and DNA editing (engineering) capabilities for various applications, including diagnostic DNA probes, precision medicine, protein production, antibody discovery, vaccine development, novel enzymes, molecular breeding, biofuel implication, and more. Nucleus Biotech is pleased to represent Synbio Technologies´scientific capabilities covering all facets of DNA synthesis and engineering, offering a full range of support for molecular biology work, including but not limited to: Oligo synthesis,  Gene synthesis, Subcloning & PCR cloning, Plasmid preparation (up to gram scale), Mutagenesis, DNA variant libraries (Permutation, random, trimer libraries, etc.), CRISPR sgRNA, as well as protein expression and purification in multiple systems (E.coli, yeast, and mammalian cells).


TriAltus Bioscience from Birmingham, Alabama, are the exclusive manufacturer of the CL7/lm7 Ultra-High-Affinity Chromatography system. As published by Vassylyeva et al.: Efficient, ultra-high-affinity chromatography in a 1-step-purification of complex proteins, the technology is based on the extremely strong interaction between a variant of the Colicin E7 DNAse (CL7) and its inhibitor, Immunity protein 7 (Im7), and enables the one-step purification of ultra-pure recombinant proteins from E. coli. The system is comprised of CL7 tagged E. coli cloning and expression vectors, activated lm7 resin, and proteases for on-column removal of the CL7 tag to elute highly pure tag free protein. We are also pleased to offer highly purified recombinant Cas9, HiFi Cas9-R691A and Human Growth Hormone, purified by TriAltus Bioscience with their CL7/lm7 technology. Watch out for more ultra-pure recombinant proteins being added to the portfolio and let us know which recombinant proteins you are looking for.


Our supplier YouSeq from Winchester, Hampshire, UK, are experts in developing reagents for NGS and qPCR applications. Their newest products detect and characterize SARS-CoV-2 viral genomes in swab RNA by extremely specific and ready-to-use qRT-PCR and amplicon-based NGS kits. With YouSeq´s unique THE ONE 16S kit we offer you the fastest and easiest microbiome profiling NGS solution in the market, delivered as a complete kit including data analysis. Moreover, with YouSeq as our partner we have reagents in our portfolio which make the life of every NGS core facility easy: qPCR-based library quantification, PCR mastermixes optimized for amplicon-based and low input NGS, and highest quality yet economic paramagnetic beads for NGS library purification.


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