Focus on Life Science Core Technologies

Nucleus Biotech GmbH (Heidelberg, Germany) provides enabling reagents and services to researchers in academia and industry, located in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

r Management Team:

Dr. Michael Ehret, Founder and Managing Director

After finishing his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology Michael started his industry career at Stratagene Germany in the Tech Support and Marketing departments. In 1995 he joined CLONTECH Laboratories, and was running their German and Swiss subsidiaries very successfully. In the year 2000 he decided to found BioCat, which he was leading for 17 years. Nucleus Biotech which was founded in January 2020, is Michael´s new venture – the mission is to focus on cutting edge technologies and provide core reagents and services to life science researchers.

Dr. Elke Gamer, Product Manager

Elke studied Molecular Biology with a developed background in different life science disciplines. After finishing her Ph.D. at the University of Hamburg and a PostDoc position at the Institute for Human Genetics Heidelberg she moved on to the life science research supply industry. Due to her scientific background and the experience gained from working in product management positions at Stratagene, AGS, Hybaid and BioCat, she is extremely knowledgable and gained excellent skills. Elke is your competent partner and supports you concerning Nucleus Biotech´s product applications to facilitate your research.

Our Partnerships:

Nucleus Biotech is working with selected companies who offer highly innovative tools:


Our alliance with Cellecta, a leading manufacturer of pooled lentiviral RNAi and CRISPR libraries, enables scientists in our area to apply the newest screening approaches:

… to name just a few.

One key advantage are Cellecta´s high-efficiency lentiviral systems, which can also be obtained from Nucleus Biotech as reagents for your in-house lentivirus production.


Our partner GenTarget located in San Diego, California, provides unique bio-reagents and services with an emphasis on lentivirus and adenovirus gene delivery technologies, enabling  functional studies in any cell type, including primary cells. Viral particles from GenTarget are available for reporter studies, e.g. the Signal Transduction Pathway Reporters, for gene knockdown by shRNA, gene editing by CRISPR technology, for overexpression, e.g. of immunotherapy targetscell immortalization factors, and miRNA, & many more applications.


Our supplier YouSeq are experts in developing reagents for NGS and qPCR applications. Their newest products detect and characterize SARS-CoV-2 viral genomes in swab RNA by extremely specific and ready-to-use qRT-PCR and amplicon-based NGS kits. With YouSeq´s unique THE ONE 16S kit we offer you the fastest and easiest microbiome profiling NGS solution in the market, delivered as a complete kit including data analysis. Moreover, with YouSeq as our partner we have reagents in our portfolio which make the life of every NGS core facility easy: qPCR-based library quantification, PCR mastermixes optimized for amplicon-based and low input NGS, and highest quality yet economic paramagnetic beads for NGS library purification.


Our Contact Info:

Nucleus Biotech´s staff is highly experienced in the life science reagents market and our customers are in the center of all our efforts. We look forward to your enquiries:

+49 (0) 6221-426-3470