Our partner Cellecta located in Mountain View, California are a leading manufacturer of pooled lentiviral libraries for functional genomics target screens and biomarker discovery. Based on this expertise a variety of highest quality catalog products and services are offered:

Genome-wide RNAi and CRISPR Knock-Out, CRISPRa, and CRISPRi Libraries as well as custom libraries & constructs for selected target genes
Barcode Libraries for genetic labeling of  each individual cell within a population of millions of cells, enabling single cell tracking in space and time
Lentiviral Systems: Reagents and services for lentiviral cloning, packaging, and expression
DriverMap Technology: A combination of targeted RT-PCR and NGS enabling biomarker discovery


Cellecta´s technologies have been used successfully by many scientists worldwide – find hundreds of citations here: Citations & Publications – Cellecta