Synbio Technologies Gene Synthesis Service

Nucleus Biotech is pleased to offer you Deep Gene Synthesis:

A high-efficiency manufacturing platform, designed by Synbio Technologies, that leverages artificial intelligence to provide you with better genes.


Gene Synthesis Features:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Free codon optimization
  • High success rates for all sequence lengths and levels of complexity
  • ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified facilities ensure high quality and production capacity
  • Free cloning in any vector, including Synbio Technologies’ mammalian expression and antibody production vectors
  • 100% sequence accuracy controlled by Sanger sequencing
  • Chromatogram is provided with 2-5 ug plasmid DNA
  • Larger Plasmid DNA preps are optionally available according to your requirements
  • Competitive pricing:
Gene Length Price
<250 bp 49€
250-3,000 bp 0,19€/bp
>3 kb Ask for quote








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