Cell Barcoding

Cellular barcoding is a technique in which individual cells or cell populations are genetically labeled with unique nucleic acid sequences, termed barcodes, so that they can be monitored through space and time by Next Generation Sequencing.
This method can be used to track millions of cells in parallel, and thus is an efficient approach for investigating heterogeneous populations of cells. Cellular barcoding can be used for fate mapping, lineage tracing and high-throughput screening, and leads to important insights into developmental biology, hematopoesis, tumor progression, pathogenicity, and drug resistance.

Nucleus Biotech offers two types of pooled lentiviral barcode libraries:

•  NGS Barcode Libraries with barcodes readable in genomic DNA of the cells.
•  RNA-Seq Barcode Libraries with barcodes embedded in the 3´ or 5´end of the antibiotic resistance gene, rendering them also readable by RNA-seq, which enables gene expression profiling on the single cell level using systems such as 10X Genomics, BD Rhapsody, or Dolomite Bio´ s Nadia system.
Single RNA-Seq barcode constructs are offered for evaluation or control purposes.

For both library types complete NGS preparation kits for DNA-Seq are available from Nucleus Biotech.

In addition to the pooled libraries for labeling millions of cells in parallel, Nucleus Biotech also offers Cell Labeling Kits for labeling whole cell populations with single individual NGS barcodes for tracking and quantification of descendants in mixed downstream cultures or tissue.