CRISPR Technology

Discovery of the CRIPSR system-provides a powerful new tool in biology. The prokaryote-derived CRISPR–Cas genome editing system allows highly specific genomic modification of your genes of interest, by using a combination of an sgRNA (single guide RNA, or gRNA) along with a Cas9 nuclease. Knock out, knock in, silence or activate any part of the genome with unprecedented specificity. The ease of use and robustness of this technology have revolutionized genome editing for research ranging from fundamental science to translational medicine.

Nucleus Biotech provides Cellecta´s HEAT-optimized sgRNAs, designed using the latest criteria for effective guides described by Doench, et al..
All  guides are  cross-checked against the UCSC CRISPR targets track to ensure they are unique in the genome. The UCSC specificity quartile is used to score for off-target potential, and the Doench 2016 Azimuth activity scores to rank the guides for efficacy. This special sgRNA design was proven to generate more robust screening results than the standard sgRNA designs.
Nucleus Biotech offers a complete portfolio of high quality products and services for CRISPR/Cas9-based genome engineering, including a variety of lentiviral sgRNA constructs, synthetic sgRNAs, Cas9 Proteins, vectors, lentiviral pooled libraries and NGS read-out technologies, knock out cell line services as well as screening services.