Custom sgRNA Synthesis

A very powerful CRISPR/Cas9 gene targeting approach operates with a single guide RNA (sgRNA), containing a Cas9 nuclease-recruiting sequence (tracrRNA) and a targeting sequence (crRNA sequence). The crRNA region is a 20-nucleotide sequence that is homologous to a region in your gene of interest and will direct Cas9 nuclease activity.

Nucleus Biotech is pleased to cooperate with Macrogen, a leading oligo and sequencing provider, to offer synthetic sgRNA produced by in vitro transcription. This extremely pure sgRNA can be complexed with NLS-Cas9 to form highly active transfectable/injectable Cas9 RNPs. The Cas9 RNP approach is an improvement on plasmid transfections because the Cas protein is cleared from the system within 24 hours, decreasing off-target effects. The method also saves time, as the active complex is what’s being delivered straight to the nucleus of the cell.

The service includes sgRNA design by Macrogen for your target gene(s), or alternatively you can just let us know your target sequence(s), and you will receive the synthetic sgRNA including crRNA/tracrRNA scaffold.