Pooled Perturb-Seq CRISPR KO Libraries

Lentiviral libraries containing a barcoded sgRNA cassette that is expressed and can be detected using RNA Sequencing

  • Combine pooled CRISPR screens with the information-rich readout of single-cell RNA sequencing.
  • Identify gene activation changes in response to knockouts on a cell-to-cell basis.

Perturb-seq dramatically increases the scope of pooled genomic assays. Screening with lentiviral sgRNA libraries has proven to be a very effective approach to identify genes functionally required to generate particular phenotypes, and RNA-Seq is an effective method to find the underlying changes in gene expression producing those phenotypes.
Cellecta´s CloneTracker XP™ CRISPR-Barcode Libraries incorporate clonal barcodes adjacent to the gRNA sequences. This new approach enables researchers to reliably identify and link changes in gene expression to the knockout of particular target genes.

Nucleus Biotech provides premade CloneTracker XP CRISPR Knockout libraries, targeting mouse and human anti-cancer genes, and can offer Custom CloneTracker XP CRISPR Knockout libraries for your list of target genes. Contact us for a quotation.


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