Lentiviral Systems

Lentiviral expression vectors are extremely effective vehicles to introduce and stably express different effector molecules (shRNA, sgRNA, cDNA, DNA fragments, antisense, ribozymes, etc.) or reporter constructs in almost any mammalian cell, including non dividing cells and whole model organisms. Packaged lentiviral constructs can be transduced into even the most difficult to transfect cells, such as primary, stem, and differentiated cells with high efficiency.
Nucleus Biotech provides reagents for highly efficient in house lentivirus production, transduction of your target cells, a kit for finding the right promoter for your cells, and lentiviral cDNA cloning vectors for either constitutive or inducible expression. Lentiviral packaging services and cloning of your cDNA of interest in a vector of your choice are also offered. Moreover we offer premade lentiviral particles for cell immortalization, expression of immunotherapy targets, and cell signaling studies.