Inducible cDNA Expression

Besides vectors for consecutive cDNA expression, Cellecta also offers the „InDOXible Tet-Activated cDNA Vector System“ for inducible cDNA expression. The system is available in a 2-vector or an all-in-1-vector format. For the 2-vector format you need a tTA or rtTA expression vector (see choices below) as well as a Dox-responsive cloning vector.  The all-in-1 cloning vector contains both the tTA/rtTA and the Dox-responsive TRE in one backbone. All vectors are available with and without RFP tag.

⋅   Ultra-low background minimizes leakiness
⋅   Optional fluorescent sensor enables real-time monitoring of induction and repression
⋅   Easy to use all-in-one or two- vector inducible options


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