Lentiviral Packaging Plasmids

While lentiviral vectors are popular gene delivery tools, generating viral particles can be challenging. To overcome these hurdles Cellecta offers a ready-to-use Packaging Plasmid Mix providing all the necessary structural, regulatory, and replication proteins required to efficiently produce pseudotyped packaged lentiviral expression constructs for high-efficiency transduction. The resulting pseudotyped lentiviral particles can infect a variety of mammalian or non-mammalian, dividing or non-dividing cells.
Nucleus Biotech provides a Ready-to-use Packaging Mix mix that will produce high titer lentivirus with an easy to use protocol. It is compatible with most commercially-available second- and third generation lentiviral vectors.

Packaging Vectors Map and Sequence: pMD2.G, txt | .gb | .dna, Map  pPsPAX2,txt | .gb | .dna, Map