Microbiome Sequencing Kits

Microbial profiling using 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequencing is the gold standard for identifying bacterial phylogeny and taxonomy within complex microbial samples. The 16S rRNA gene is the most established genetic marker used for bacterial identification as it consists of both highly conserved as well as hypervariable regions containing species-specific sequences for discrimination between different bacteria.

• Study complex microbiomes incl. non-cultivable bacteria
• Classify hundreds of microorganisms in each analysis
• Determine the relative abundance of microbiome members
• Identify low-abundance bacteria
• Multiplex microbial samples and save costs

The ONE 16S KIT from YouSeq is a complete kit with an easy and fast unique workflow and comes with integrated multiplexing and qPCR reagents for accurate pooling of your samples.


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