Custom NGS Amplicon Panels

On top of their selection of premade and pre-designed NGS amplicon panels our partner Paragon Genomics are offering Custom NGS Amplicon Panels for any set of genes. All panels are based on the unique CleanPlex Technology enabling cost-effective and highly sensitive targeted sequencing with a single-tube 3-hours workflow.

Paragon Genomics´ highly advanced proprietary primer design algorithm and the innovative, patented background cleaning chemistry together allow CleanPlex Custom NGS Amplicon Panels to break the limits of existing target enrichment technologies:

Highest flexibility: Accomodates a broad range of sample input types and quantities as well as amplicon and panel sizes (of up to 20000!)

Speed: Free online multiplex PCR primer design with Paragon Designer. Once you approve the design, your custom NGS amplicon panel will be ready for shipment in 4 weeks

High Performance: >95% coverage uniformity at a limit of detection of 1% allele frequency using 10 ng input DNA and <0.5% allele frequency using >30 ng input DNA (when UMI primers are used)