Magnetic Beads for DNA Normalization

Bead-based DNA Normalization

  • Consistent quantity normalization in excellent dynamic range
  • Easy and efficient protocol – no centrifugation, no filtering
  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Ideal for High Throughput Sample Processing

During bead-based normalization, DNA samples of varying concentrations are bound to BioDynami´s magnetic DNA normalization beads characterized by a defined limited DNA binding capacity. Bound DNAs are subsequently eluted off the beads at approximately the same concentration for each sample.

BioDynami offers kits 40072S and 40072L which additionally include recovery beads for the recovery of unbound excess DNA during DNA normalization.

Applications of BioDynami´s Magnetic DNA Normalization Beads:

NGS Library Normalization

Magnetic bead-based NGS library normalization provides significant cost and time savings especially when processing many samples.

Normalization of NGS Libraries: Input NGS library amounts and normalized NGS library amounts

This efficient, time-saving alternative bypasses time-consuming and costly library quantitation measurements using fluorescence and/or fragment analyzer instruments. Moreover, manual pipetting steps including dilutions before loading NGS libraries onto the sequencer are no longer necessary.

Normalization of Genomic DNA and of PCR Products

Varying amounts of genomic DNA (including sheared genomic DNA fragments in different samples) as well as of PCR Products can easily and conveniently be normalized to uniform DNA concentrations by BioDynami´s Magnetic DNA Normalization Beads.

Normalization of Genomic DNA: Input Genomic DNA amounts and normalized Genomic DNA amounts

Normalization of PCR Products: Input PCR Products DNA amounts and normalized PCR Products DNA amounts


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