Multiplexing Index Primers

Multiplexing of NGS library samples reduces sequencing costs by pooling multiple NGS libraries into a single flow cell lane.

Our partner BioDynami has developed two concepts of multiplexing primers for the Illumina platform:

  • Multiplexing Index Primers: Each index primer contains a unique index sequence with 6 bases that can be used to identify libraries. Library multiplexing of up to 48 samples is possible.
  • Multiplexing Unique Dual Index Primers: 96 pre-mixed unique pairs of i5 and i7 index primers, each featuring a unique 4 bases sequence within an 8 bases index. BioDynami´s unique dual indexing primers ensure higher specificity than other vendors´ 3 base unique indexes and are optimized to remove sequencing errors such as index hopping, index cross-contamination, mis-assignment of reads, amplification errors, and de-multiplexing errors. Sequences of BioDynami´s UDIs can be downloaded here.


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