NGS Amplicon Panel Kits

CleanPlex – the most advanced NGS amplicon panel technology

CleanPlex® NGS Amplicon Sequencing Technology

CleanPlex® is an ultra-scalable and ultra-sensitive NGS amplicon sequencing technology. It features a highly advanced proprietary multiplex PCR primer design algorithm, an exceptionally uniform multiplex PCR amplification chemistry and  an innovative, patented background cleaning chemistry. Together, they allow CleanPlex Ready-to-Use and Custom NGS Panels to break the limits of traditional amplicon-based and hybrid capture-based target enrichment technologies.

  • Super high amplification uniformity and super low PCR background noise (more accurate variant calling and less sequencing cost)
  • Single-tube and 3-hour workflow with minimal hands-on time (easy automation)
  • Compatible with difficult samples (degraded FFPE DNA & RNA, cfDNA & cfRNA) and major platforms (Illumina, Ion Torrent, Genapsys, MGI DNBSeq)
  • Extreme sensitivity (down to single cell level direct amplification)
  • Excellent panel size scalability from a few to over 20,000 amplicons in a single multiplex PCR pool
  • Detection of and analysis for single nucleotide variants (SNVs), small insertions and deletions (Indels), copy number variations (CNVs), gene fusions / splice variants, gene expression level, tumor mutational burden (TMB), microsatellite instability (MSI), internal tandem duplication (ITD), etc

Paragon Genomics NGS Amplicon Panels are available customized for any gene panel, pre-designed for over 100 application areas, and as premade kits – see below.

Premade CleanPlex Amplicon Panels:

Nucleus Biotech is pleased to present Paragon Genomics´ premade NGS amplicon panels for the following applications:


OncoZoom Cancer Hotspot: Cancer profiling of somatic mutations across the hotspot regions of 65 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.

TMB500/Tumor Mutational Burden: Assessment of tumor mutational burden and mutation profile by targeting 516 genes associated with major solid tumor types

TP53: Evaluation of somatic and germline variants across the TP53 gene

BRCA1/BRCA2: Evaluation of somatic and germline variants across BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes

UMI Lung Cancer: Detection of ultralow frequency variants in liquid biopsy samples across the hotspot regions of 23 genes associated with lung cancer

OmniFusion RNA Lung Cancer: Detection of more than 530 known and also of unknown RNA fusions associated with non-small cell lung cancer

AccuFusion RNA Lung Cancer: Focused detection of more than 280 known gene fusions associated with non-small cell lung cancer

Hereditary Diseases:

Hereditary Cancer: For analyzing 37 genes (for both, single nucleotide variants – SNVs-, and insertion-deletion mutations -indels-), associated with an increased risk of developing hereditary cancers.

Mitochondrial Diseases: Evaluation of the entire human mitochondrial genome for mutations. Complete coverage of all 37 genes of the ~17 kb mitochondrial genome, allowing identification of important variants.

Cystic Fibrosis: Evaluation of germline variants across the CFTR gene


SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza/RSV Type A and B

Human ACE2/TMPRSS2 COVID-19 Susceptibility


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