RNA Methylation Sequencing (m6A eCLIP-seq)

Quick, efficient and precise identification
of m6A modification sites

N6 methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common internal epitranscriptomic RNA modification. Eclipse BioInnovation´s m6A-eCLIP-seq Kit provides a robust method to obtain an enriched m6A library in one week.

m6A-eCLIP-seq is based on eCLIP-seq as published by van Nostrand et al. Nature Methods 2016: 
Enhanced crosslinking of an immunoprecipation validated m6A antibody to mRNA by UV is followed by an optimized adaptor ligation and reverse transcription chemistry for high-throughput sequencing.
  • High Accuracy

RNA-seq control significantly improves signal/noise to identify true modification sites

  • Single Nucleotide Resolution

Most common DRACH-6 mer in 400ng m6A-eCLIP shows enrichment at -3 position relative to read starts

  • High Reproducibility

Biological replicates are well correlated