Spatial Transcriptomics Services

RNA Spatial Profiling with GeoMx®

Cellecta’s Spatial Profiling service focuses specifically on RNA profiling currently using the NanoString GeoMx Cancer Transcriptome Atlas                               and GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas probe pools.

Tissue sections or fixed cell samples are stained with the following:

  • Fluorescently labeled morphology markers (e.g., antibodies) that enable the user to identify morphology or cell types of interest in the sample.
  • Panels of pre-mixed biological probes that target RNA transcripts and have been designed with a UV-cleavable DNA barcode.

Using the fluorescent morphology markers for guidance, defined regions of interest (ROIs) are illuminated with UV light to cleave barcoded labels from the RNA probes.

The probes from each ROI are then collected in separate wells and quantified using NGS. The resulting read number of each probe then correlates to the expression level of its gene target.