Recombinant Proteins

Nucleus Biotech are pleased to offer TriAltus´ highly purified recombinant proteins. All of them were purified from E. coli using the ultra-high-affinity CL7/lm7 chromatography system, fulfilling the high-yield, high-purity, and high-activity (HHH) requirement of high-resolution protein analyses and applications (Vassylyeva et al.: Efficient, ultra-high-affinity chromatography in a 1-step-purification of complex proteins,

Human Growth Hormone at >99% purity as purified with the CL7/Im7 system. R = reduced, NR = non-reduced.

Another example for the improvement brought by the CL7 tag is the purification of Cas9, as its purity is crucial for the RNP approach in CRISPR-based genome editing:

Watch out for more ultra-pure recombinant proteins being added to the portfolio and let us know which recombinant proteins you are looking for.