RNA Genomics

RNA Genomics: Optimizing RNA Target Identification

NGS-based RNA Genomics Solutions

Nucleus Biotech offers RNA Genomics solutions based on Next Generation Sequencing technologies from Heidelberg Biolabs, BioDynami, Cellecta, and Eclipse Bioinnovations to enable RNA to be seen in a whole new light. Simplify your RNA research with cutting-edge kits and service solutions to unlock the potential of RNA:

  • BioLiqX Small RNA-seq – unbiased and highly sensitive
  • BioLiqX High Sensitivity miRNA q-RT PCR – ideal for validating Small RNA-seq data
  • RNA-Seq Kits –  fast and highly efficient, enabling uniform transcript coverage
  • Targeted Exome RNA-seq Kits and Services  –  genome-wide expression profiling with low input RNA samples
  • RNA Spatial Profiling Services  –  transcriptome-wide geometric expression analysis in FFPE slides
  • eSHAPE RNA Structure Probing Kits and Services –  obtain secondary structure information on RNAs of interest​
  • RBP-eCLIP-seq Kits and  Services  –  map RNA Binding Proteins transcriptome-wide
  • m6A-eCLIP-seq Kits and Services  –  map single nucleotide m6A methylation sites transcriptome-wide
  • miR-eCLIP Services  –  identify direct microRNA targets transcriptome-wide
  • 5´ and 3´ UTR End-Seq Kits and Services  –  identify transcription start sites and polyadenylation sites transcriptome-wide​
  • iSWAB-RNAv2 Kit – RNA collection and preservation at room temperature