RNA Quantification

Highly sensitive RNA quantification with the Qubit® fluorometer

• Kits optimized for use with the Qubit® Fluorometer
• Uses the Qubit® RNA assay setting
• Linear dynamic range is 0.5-100 ng RNA

BioDynami´s RNA Quantification High Sensitivity Kits are developed for RNA quantification with the Qubit® fluorometer from Thermo Fisher. The RNA Quantification HS kits include HS Dye, HS Dilution Buffer, and two RNA Standards. Simply dilute the HS Dye with the HS Dilution Buffer, add RNA sample, then read the concentration using the Qubit® Fluorometer. The assay is accurate for RNA concentrations from 250 pg/µL to 100 ng/µL , and is highly selective for RNA over DNA. The kit’s advantages include high sensitivity, linear dynamic range, stability, and tolerance of contaminants.