CloneTracker XP Human 27 Anti-Cancer CRISPR-Barcode-3′ Library (packaged)


Quantity: 1 x 10^8 TU

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    Cellecta´s CloneTracker XP™ CRISPR Knockout sgRNA libraries incorporate clonal barcodes adjacent to the sgRNA sequences. The libraries are designed for CRISPR-Seq (aka Perturb-Seq, Crop-Seq) screens. In cells transduced with these libraries, researchers can detect both the clonal barcodes and the sgRNA effector with RNA Sequencing so that changes in gene expression can be correlated with specific disruptions of particular genes.
    Cellecta currently offers two CloneTracker XP CRISPR Knockout libraries, one targeting 27 human anti-cancer genes and one targeting the 27 corresponding mouse homologs. There are 20 sgRNAs to each gene designed to target functional domains. Please contact us for any custom project.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -80C