Custom CRISPR Plasmid: Single sgRNA in Cas9-T2A-EGFP Plasmid


Quantity: 1 ug

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    CRISPR target sequence will be synthesized and cloned in Macrogen┬┤s CRISPR Plasmid-EGFP-single vector for sgRNA as well as Cas9 expression in mammalian cells. >1 ug plasmid DNA will be delivered.

    Just provide details about your target gene(s) and the desired targeting strategy and Macrogen will design and clone the CRISPR target sequence(s) accordingly for you. In case you have already pre-designed the target sequence(s), just let us know the 20 bp sequence(s) in 5┬┤-3`order without PAM sequence for subsequent cloning.

    We offer this service at a scaled price structure depending on the total number of constructs ordered. Get in touch with us to receive a quote tailored to your needs.

    Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
    Storage Temperature: 4C