Custom Expression Construct < 1,7 kb cDNA - inducible


Quantity: 25 ug

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    Lentiviral expression vectors are one of the most convenient and effective vehicles to introduce and stably express your gene of interest in almost any mammalian cell. This service comprises: • Synthesis and cloning of the desired gene sequence in a Tet-inducible cloning vector
    • Optional packaging as lentiviral particles to directly transduce into your target cells.
    • Can be used with either Dox-On or Dox-Off tet-inducible gene expression cell lines.

    Let Cellecta clone your gene into one of their optimized lentiviral vectors so you can rapidly create a stable cell line or let Cellecta make the cell line for you.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C