Human 80K Knockout Library (UbiC-RFP-Neo) (packaged, large scale)-commercial accounts


Quantity: 1 x 10^9 TU

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    • Genome-Wide Coverage with a Single 80K Module
    • Single library with ~80,000 constructs
    • Each gene is covered by 4 sgRNAs targeting functional domains and conserved transcript regions
    • All human protein-coding genes covered—approximately 19,000 gene targets

    Cellecta’s single-module Human Genome-Wide CRISPR KO Library cloned in the pRSG16N-U6-sg-UbiC-TagRFP-2A-Neo vector was designed to be small enough (~80,000 constructs covering 19,000 protein coding genes) to enable convenient genome-wide “dropout viability” screens. With 4 sgRNAs targeting each gene, all of which have been designed using the latest criteria for effective guides described by Doench, et al. and containing the Cellecta-designed HEAT sgRNA structure proven to generate more robust screening results than the standard sgRNA design, the library has deep gene coverage generating efficient results. The sgRNA are designed to target functional domains and regions conserved between alternatively spliced transcripts.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -80C