Human CRISPRi Dual-sgRNA Library (UbiC) (DNA)-academia


Quantity: 200 ug

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Genome-wide pooled library of ~105,000 dual-sgRNA constructs each targeting the promoter region of f ~19,000 protein-coding human genes. Engineered to work with deactivated spCas9 (dCas9) complexed with the KRAB repressor to inactivate or down regulate gene expression.
The promoter region of each gene is targeted by 5 sgRNAs in dual combinations of each of the 5 constructs (design based on Horbeck, et al., eLife 2016;5:e19760 DOI: 10.7554). Targeting genes with dual-sgRNA constructs leads to stronger repression.

Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
Storage Temperature: -20C