Human Knockout Library Module 3 (UbiC-RFP-Puro) – Cell Surface, Extracellular Matrix, and DNA Binding Associated Genes (DNA)-academia


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    • Single library with ~50,000 constructs
    • Each gene is covered by 8 sgRNAs targeting functional domains and conserved transcript regions
    • Cell surface, extracellular matrix and DNA binding genes covered—over 6,000 gene targets

    CRISPR Human Genome Knockout Module 3 cloned in the pRSG16-U6-sg-UbiC-TagRFP-2A-Puro vector targets cell surface markers, extracellular matrix genes, and DNA binding genes. Cellecta’s original Genome-Wide CRISPR Knockout Pooled sgRNA Library was designed as three modules, each targeting approximately a third of the genes with eight sgRNAs per gene, which is more than most other libraries use. In addition to filtering to ensure guides are unique for each gene target to minimize false positives, the sgRNAs in Cellecta’s Three-Module Human Genome-Wide CRISPR Library incorporate Cellecta’s HEAT design sgRNA structure which has been shown to generate more robust screening results than the standard sgRNA design.
    Three separate modules, each with approximately fifty thousand constructs provide a practical approach to screens with more guides per target. The modular format is similar to Cellecta’s Human Genome-wide shRNA Library in pRSI16cb, and each of the CRISPR and RNAi Library modules target the same sets of genes so that investigators can more easily make use of both techniques for genome-wide loss of function screens.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C