iSWAB Animal DNA Collection Kit (up to 10 ug DNA)


Quantity: 20 kits

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    Kit for non-invasive animal DNA collection and preservation, & transport/storage at ambient temperatures – all in the same tube.

    Kit contents: 1 swab, 1 barcode-labeled iSWAB tube (400 ul), 1 extra barcode label, 1 plastic “biohazard” bag with absorbent pad, 1 “Exempt Animal Specimen” label, and a box which may be used to mail back the sample

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    • Collect – Stabilize – Concentrate – Transport – Store – Extract: All in a Single Tube
    • Simple, easy, and painless sample collection: Humane, non-invasive sample collection for multiple small and large animal species in less than 2 minutes. Ideal for lab or field-based collection.
    • High quantity and quality nucleic acid recovery: Yields up to 10µg or more of double stranded stranded, long fragment DNA (>23 kb), ideal for genotyping, microarray, or NGS
    • Low bacterial genomic DNA contamination: Proprietary buffer ensures <1% bacterial genomic DNA contamination • Long-term ambient stability: Collected samples can be shipped and stored at room temperature, and are stable for >1 year with no loss of DNA quality. Ideal for lab or field-based collection.
    • Swab-free sample transport: Improved sample integrity and decreased sample processing time
    • Traceable: LIMS compatible unique barcodes included for each iSWAB tube enable efficient traceability and storage
    • Scalable and easy to process: Manual and automation friendly sample processing

    Non-invasive Animal DNA Collection, Preservation, and Room Temperature Storage for genetic research, including genotyping, gene expression profiling, epigenetics research, speciation, hereditary traits and diseases, DNA banking, parentage, forensics, breed identification and many more applications:

    Collection methods such as swabs and hair pulls are common methods to obtain DNA from animals, but samples obtained from these procedure are tedious and time consuming to process in the lab. High bacterial content can potentially compromise the integrity of the sample, resulting in low sample output and suboptimal DNA quality for downstream applications. This can become a major issue when precious samples collected from a rare breed or exotic animal return from the lab with failed results and essentially no options for resampling.
    The iSWAB-ANML device is a non-invasive collection system that maintains the integrity of the DNA at the point of collection for samples collected in the field. Unlike other swab-based methods, the swabs are discarded after collection and do not need to be sent back to the lab so the processing time, effort, and cost is significantly reduced. Most importantly the iSWAB is designed to enable safe and humane sample collection, reduces the incidence of failed samples and decreases overall workflow time and costs.
    The iSWAB-DNA device is designed for oral or nasal swab-based collection of buccal cells, which has the advantage of high gDNA yields and drastically lowered bacterial contamination. iSWAB allows for the stabilization of DNA at the point of collection without the need for swab inclusion. The gentle collection and lysis chemistry of the alcohol-free iSWAB buffer enables recovery of double-stranded, large fragment DNA similar to genomic DNA generated from blood, making it suitable for complex genomics downstream assays such as microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing. Other non-invasive collection methods often utilize alcohol and produce short DNA fragments limiting their usability.

    Downstream Processing:

    Any commercially available kit for extracting gDNA from whole blood (either manually or automation-enabled) can be used without any further modifications, as well as phenol chloroform or ethanol precipitation based protocols.

    iSWAB Direct PCR:
    The proprietary iSWAB buffer is a unique formulation that not only stabilizes the samples at the point of collection, but performs a gentle lysis which slowly releases DNA from the cells into the buffer over a period of several hours.
    This feature enables the mixture to be used in a direct-to PCR application, in which the extraction step is skipped entirely.
    For more complex downstream applications such as Next Generation Sequencing or microarrays, we still recommend performing a standard DNA extraction as described above.

    The procedure for preparing iSWAB samples to be used directly in PCR is as follows:
    1. Collect buccal sample with iSWAB-DNA
    2. Incubate the collected iSWAB-DNA at least 3 hrs at room temperature before processing in direct PCR
    3. Centrifuge the collected iSWAB-DNA for 2 minutes at 14000 rpm
    4. Take 1uL of the clarified iSWAB supernatant and dilute in nuclease-free water to 1:8 for ISWAB-250
    5. Take 1 or 2 uL (depending on your required sample input for your PCR protocol) from the iSWAB diluted sample and apply to your direct or standard PCR master mix (mix well with PCR tube contents)
    6. follow your standard PCR amplification protocol

    Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
    Storage Temperature: Room Temperature