LentiPrep Lentiviral Reagent Set (incl. GFP control)


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    Convenient set of three lentiviral reagents to optimize packaging and transduction of your lentiviral vectors and constructs. You get ready-to-use reagents for packaging, isolation and transduction, together with a lentiviral control to optimize packaging and transduction protocols in your target cells–at a lower price than purchasing each reagent separately.

    The LentiPrep Reagent Set includes the following:

    — Ready-to-use Packaging Mix (Cat. # CPCP-K2A)
    — Lentifuge™ Concentration Reagent (Cat. # LFVC1)
    — LentiTrans™ Transduction Reagent (Cat. # LTDR1)
    — Control plasmid with GFP selection marker

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C