m6A-eCLIP Kit and Data Analysis


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    m6A-eCLIP: Efficient and precise identification of m6A modifications on RNA by NGS

    Eclipse BioInnovation´s m6A-eCLIP library preparation kit combines the use of an m6A antibody with the eCLIP technology, based on Van Nostrand, Yeo et al. (Nature Methods, 2016 June; 13(6): 508–514.)

    • More sites with less input: The m6A-eCLIP high throughput method enables profiling m6A marks with 100-fold less mRNA input than conventional approaches such as meRIP-seq

    • Precise m6A site resolution: Single-nucleotide modification site calling

    • Unbiased with high specificity: m6A eCLIP captures the DRACH motif as well as enriched modifications near stop codons and in the 3´UTRs

    N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most prevalent epitranscriptomic RNA modification found in eukaryotes, and m6A has been shown to regulate many stages of RNA biology including splicing, secondary/tertiary structure, localization, stability, and translation. Adenosine modifications are actively added, recognized, and removed by a series of “writer”, “reader”, and “eraser” proteins, making m6A a dynamic and reversible system for regulating RNAs.

    The m6A-eCLIP Kit is a targeted RNA modification sequencing kit that has applications in many fields of research. Starting with purified RNA, the kit allows researchers to globally map m6A RNA modification states, which are associated with cancer, autoimmune disease, obesity, and other disease indications. Acquisition of host-like m6A by viral RNA also plays a role in evading detection by the innate immune system.

    The kit combines the use of an m6A antibody with the eCLIP technology (Van Nostrand et al., Nature Methods, 2016): RNA is chemically fragmented into 100 nucleotides or smaller fragments, followed by magnetic immunoprecipitation with an m6A antibody. After immunoprecipitation, isolated RNA fragments are subjected to library preparation including adapter ligation, reverse transcription, and PCR amplification. The streamlined 4-5 day protocol is easy to process and produces high quality libraries, and can be broken down into multiple start and stop steps. The kit enables the user to do mRNA isolation, m6A IP and library prep on up to 8 high quality samples (8 IPs and 8 inputs)

    Sample Input: 20-40 ug Total RNA, RIN >7
    Sequencing Recommendations: 40-50M reads (SE100) on Illumina

    Kit contents:

    – mRNA purification and fragmentation reagents
    – All m6A-eCLIP-seq enzymes, primers, adapters, and buffers needed to process 8 samples (8 IP and 8 inputs).
    – Size selection beads
    – Quality tested transfer membrane
    – Index primers

    The Eclipse BioInnovations m6AeCLIP-Seq Data Analysis Package includes peak calling and input normalization using Fastq files of the raw sequencing reads provided by you. You will receive an HTML report detailing the figures related to all significantly enriched A methylation peaks and containing the location of each input-normalized A-methylation peak in the genome.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C