MHC Core Capture Kit


Quantity: 24 rxns

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     Capture 190 kb human MHC core region from genome wide libraries for targeted sequencing

    • Covers exons, introns, 5’ regulatory regions, 3’ regulatory regions, and beyond
    • Detection of SNPs, indels, and structural variants/CNVs
    • Save sequencing costs by selectively capturing the human MHC Core Region

    BioDynami´s MHC Core Region Capture Kit enables the most cost-effective targeted sequencing of 190 kb of the human MHC Core region comprising 22 MHC genes, including all coding and non-coding regions. The MHC Core Region Capture Kit was developed to capture the MHC Core region from whole genome NGS libraries based on the CATCH-Seq technology. Comprehensive sequencing of the entire region makes it possible to detect SNPs, indels, and structural variants/CNVs that are not covered by other MHC targeted sequencing reagents. You may also apply the captured DNA to Bisulfite-Sequencing for analyzing methylation patterns.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C