Multiplexing Unique Dual Index Primers, 96 indexes (Illumina Platform)


Quantity: 384 rxns

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    Superior Unique Dual Index Primers for the Illumina Platform

    • Improve sample-identification specificity with 4-Base Difference Index System
    • Each index has at least 4 bases different from other indexes
    • 4-base difference greatly increases specificity compared to the other vendors’ 3-base difference.
    • 96 pre-mixed unique pairs of i5 and i7 index primers
    • Minimizes sequencing errors such as:
    – Index hopping
    – Index cross-contamination
    – Mis-assignment of reads
    – Amplification errors
    – De-multiplexing errors

    BioDynami´s Multiplexing Unique Dual Index Primers contain primer mixes for multiplexing samples for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on the illumina platform. Multiplexing of NGS samples reduces sequencing costs by pooling multiple NGS libraries into a single flow cell lane.

    BioDynami have developed a Four-Base Difference Index System enabling indexes that have at least 4 bases different from each other in the 8 bases index length. You can download the sequences here. BioDynami´s unique dual indexing primers remove sequencing errors such as index hopping, index cross-contamination, mis-assignment of reads, amplification errors, and de-multiplexing errors.

    Contents: The primer set includes 96 pre-mixed unique pairs of i5 and i7 index primers in a 96-well plate.

    Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C