NGS Library Bead Clean-Up kit


Quantity: 5 ml

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Fast and easy removal of contaminants in NGS libraries

A complete kit containing everything required for the quick and easy removal of unwanted products: Highly paramagnetic beads, wash buffer, and elution buffer.

Removing unwanted artifacts such as adapter and primer dimers from an NGS library is essential as it reduces the number of problem clusters that form on your sequencer flow cell and thus improves the quality of your data.

The YouSeq bead clean-up kit uses magnetic beads that bind to your DNA Library. A magnet then pulls the beads to one side so that all contaminants and artefacts can be washed away. A couple of washes completes the cleaning process then a simple elution step washes the DNA library off the beads in to solution. The kit can be used to remove either small and/or large (or both) unwanted fragments.

Kit contents:

Magnetic beads sufficient for 96 2-stage clean ups (192 clean ups)
Wash buffer (user to add ethanol)
Elution buffer

Shipping Conditions: Room Temperature
Storage Temperature: 4C