NGS of DNA from CRISPR Screen, 50M reads-commercial accounts


Quantity: sgRNA counts

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    If you are running lentiviral gene screens with CRISPR sgRNA (or shRNA/cell barcode labeling) library, just provide genomic DNA for each time point or treatment condition (one sample), and we will provide you with a spreadsheet enumerating the read number for each of the library elements. Cellecta Genetic Screens Sequencing services include sgRNA (or barcode) amplification, NGS performance on the Illumina NextSeq or HiSeq, deconvolution, and enumeration of sgRNA (or barcode) counts from raw sequencing data. Additional bioinformatics and pathway analysis are available on request.
    You can also send cells or tissue samples obtained in your screens and Cellecta will perform the genomic DNA extraction for an additional fee – please contact us for a quotation. Sequencing is provided not only for Cellecta libraries but also similar non-Cellecta CRISPR libraries, such as GeCKO, Brunello, Brie library, etc. Cellecta have extensive experience in designing primer and running NGS on a large variety of pooled libraries for various types of genetic screens. Bulk prices for providing multiple samples are available – please ask us for a quotation.