NGS Prep Kit for shRNA Libraries in pRSI16/17 -including Alignment Software


Quantity: Kit (48x 50ug preps)

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Cellecta’s NGS Prep Kit for shRNA Libraries cloned into the pRSI16 and pRSI17 vectors (e.g., Cellecta’s Human Genome-Wide shRNA Library) provides a protocol and reagents for the PCR amplification from genomic DNA and NGS sequencing of shRNA-specific barcodes from biological samples screened using these libraries.
Sufficient reagents are provided to process 12 to 48 DNA samples (depending on the amount of DNA/sample) with unique indexing primers to multiplex up to 12 samples run in a single lane.
Software included with the kit enables rapid and convenient analysis of the sequencing. The program demultiplexes indexed samples and aligns shRNA barcode reads from the Illumina NGS FASTQ files. The output is a spreadsheet with the counts of each barcode in each sample.

Shipping Conditions: Blue Ice
Storage Temperature: -20C