Purified Human Growth Hormone (hGH) (carrier-free)


Quantity: 1 mg

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    Highly purified recombinant Human Growth Hormone hGH (>99% purity) produced from E. coli in soluble form and purified using TriAltus┬┤ CL7 tag technology. The CL7 tag increases hGH solubility in E. coli and avoids the need to purify from inclusion bodies, leading to extremely high yield, purity, and activity.

    EC50 (half-maximal effective concentration): 0.2 ng/mL measured by a cell proliferation assay using 32D-rGHR cells.
    ENDOTOXIN: <0.1 EU/ug by rFC method (Arvys Proteins Inc.)

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -80C