RBP-eCLIP Kit: Enhanced CLIP-Seq for RBP Targets


Quantity: 8 rxns

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    RBP-eCLIP: Enhanced CLIP-seq for robust transcriptome-wide identification of RNA Binding Protein targets by NGS

    High Efficiency Conversion of immunoprecipitated RNA into enhanced CLIP-seq NGS Libraries

    Eclipse BioInnovation´s RBP eCLIP-seq library preparation kit comprises an optimized CLIP-seq protocol based on the Van Nostrand, Yeo et al. Nature Methods 2016 paper Robust transcriptome-wide discovery of RNA binding protein binding sites with enhanced CLIP (eCLIP), improving the efficiency of converting immunoprecipitated RNA into high-throughput sequencing libraries

    • Highly efficient library pep with low PCR duplication rate: Optimization of enzymatic steps improves library preparation efficiency 1000-fold vs. standard CLIP-seq/iCLIP-seq
    • Transcriptome-wide target discovery: RBP binding sites are identified across all regions – exons, introns, UTRs, non coding RNAs, lincRNAs, miRNAs, and retrotransposons
    • Precise RBP binding motifs: True in vivo RBP binding sites are identified with single nucleotide resolution

    Sample Input: 20M UV-crosslinked cells
    Sequencing Recommendations: 20M reads (SE100) on Illumina

    Kit contents:

    – Cell lysis and RNA fragmentation reagents
    – All eCLIP-seq enzymes, primers, adapters, and buffers needed to process 8 samples (8 IP and 8 inputs)
    – Size selection beads
    – Quality tested transfer membrane
    – Index primers

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C