Protein Purification. Simplified.

Our partner TriAltus Bioscience from Birmingham, Alabama, are the exclusive manufacturer of the CL7/lm7 Ultra-High-Affinity Chromatography system.
As published by Vassylyeva et al.: Efficient, ultra-high-affinity chromatography in a 1-step-purification of complex proteins, the technology is based on the extremely strong interaction between a variant of the Colicin E7 DNAse (CL7) and its inhibitor, Immunity protein 7 (Im7) and offers unmatched possibilities:

  • Up to 99% purity from one round of purification
  • As much as 80 x higher yield than his-tag
  • Tag-free protein by on-column protease elution
  • Ideal for high-throughput protein purification and for difficult-to-isolate proteins, e.g. membrane proteins and multi-subunit complexes
  • Meets high-yield, high-purity, and high-activity (HHH) requirement of high-resolution structural analysis as well as industrial protein production

The system is comprised of CL7 tagged E. coli cloning and expression vectors, activated lm7 resin, and proteases for on-column removal of the CL7 tag to elute highly pure tag free protein.
We are also pleased to offer highly purified recombinant Cas9, HiFi Cas9-R691A and Human Growth Hormone, purified by TriAltus Bioscience with their CL7/lm7 technology. Watch out for more ultra-pure recombinant proteins being added to the portfolio and let us know which recombinant proteins you are looking for.