Most versatile NGS Library Preparation by direct RNA/DNA tagmentation

Our supplier X GEN located in Fremont, California, has developed a recombinant modified Tn5 transposase, which is the key element of their ted (tag-enabled direct) technology. The new enzyme enables NGS library prep protocols for simultaneous RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq as well as ATAC-Seq and has the following unique advantages:

  • Low input such as single cells, cell free and exosomal RNA and DNA, microbial RNA and DNA
  • No 2nd strand cDNA synthesis for RNA-Seq resulting in higher accuracy
  • Fast and easy single-tube protocol enabling use in clinical and high throughput settings
  • Cost savings

As described in the publication RNA Sequencing by direct tagmentation of DNA/RNA hybrids (Lin Di et al., PNAS, Feb 11, 2020, 117, (6), 2886 –  2893) the mutated Tn5 binds to RNA/DNA heteroduplex generated by reverse transcription as efficiently as to dsDNA and effectively fragments and then ligates sequencing and amplification adaptors. No second strand cDNA synthesis is necessary for RNA-seq, which avoids bias and enhances protocol ease and speed. Moreover, the newly devoloped method (also called SHERRY: Sequencing HEteRo RNA-DNA-hYbrid) employs total RNA without rRNA depletion. The Tn5 transposase developed by X GEN also enables ATAC-seq and Whole Genome Amplification protocols.

Nucleus Biotech is very pleased to offer you the unique X GEN portfolio of Illumina-compatible NGS Library Prep kits:

ted-CapALL      RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq and ATAC-Seq from very low inputs (down to single cells) up to bulk amounts

ted-Meta           RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq from microbial samples (as low as 1 ng purified RNA/DNA or 1000 cells in clinical samples)

ted-RNA 5´       Stranded RNA-Seq covering non-coding RNA and mRNA from 1-200 ng total RNA input

ted-RNA 3´       mRNA-Seq from 1-250 ng total RNA input

ted-scDNA        Single Cell DNA-Seq applying Whole Genome Amplification and direct tagmentation