EclipseBio: The RNA Genomics Company

Eclipse BioInnovations is an RNA Next-Generation-Sequencing company founded in 2017 based on technology developed in Professor Gene Yeo’s laboratory at UC San Diego. The company´s mission is to use their first-in-class Eclipse-Seq RNA NGS platform technologies to accelerate the creation and development of truly safe and effective RNA medicines. Eclipse’s founders developed eCLIP-Seq, the world’s most efficient and unique CLIP-seq technology for identifying RNA binding protein gene partners and gene maps (van Nostrand et al. , Nature Methods 2016 and Nature 2020).

Their  innovative standard and customizable solutions bring new and deeper insights to the RNA interactome by providing more accurate, reproducible and useable data.

 EclipseBio product lines:

  • eCLIP-seq library preparation for RBP target sequencing
  • m6A-eCLIP-seq for sequencing of m6A RNA methylation sites
  • miR-eCLIP-service for precise mapping of miRNA-mRNA interactions transcriptome wide
  • 5´and 3´ End-Seq for sequencing of transcription start and poly adenylation sites and transcript isomer detection
  • eSHAPE: Enhanced SHAPE RNA Structure Probing with NAI Reagent

EclipseBio Services:

Eclipsebio offers a wide portfolio of RNA services to support existing and emerging techniques in the RNA field. Whether you are conducting exploratory research projects, investigating new RNA drug targets, or comparing RNA data sets, we offer RNA genomics solutions for your needs.

 EclipseBio publications:

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