Custom sgRNA Constructs

Custom sgRNA Constructs for CRISPR KO, CRISPRa, or CRISPRi

Lentiviral vectors are extremely effective vehicles to introduce and stably express your sgRNA in almost any mammalian cell.

Our partner Cellecta offers improved HEAT designed custom sgRNAs in a wide variety of lentiviral vectors suitable for gene knockout, promoter activation, promoter repression or knock-ins.

sgRNAs are designed by Cellecta for maximum efficiency and specificity (Doench et al., 2016). All  guides are  cross-checked against the UCSC CRISPR targets track to ensure they are unique in the genome. The UCSC specificity quartile is used to score for off-target potential, and the Doench 2016 Azimuth activity scores to rank the guides for efficacy. Cellecta´s sgRNA design is proven to generate more robust results than standard sgRNA designs.

Take advantage of Cellecta´s unique custom sgRNA constructs:

  • Flexible design services to ensure the sgRNA target your genes, isoforms, or regulatory elements
  • Obtain lentiviral plasmids and pre-packaged lentiviral particles
  • Control guides available in any vector backbone

Just provide information about your gene of interest, your vector choice, and your application/s (CRISPR KO, CRISPRa, CRISPRi) and Cellecta will design, clone and deliver the optimal CRISPR sgRNA lentiviral constructs according to your needs.
Nucleus Biotech works with you to optimize all aspects of the sgRNA constructs you need. Please use our service request form  to contact us for more details or request a quote.


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