Tet-inducible Custom Lentiviral sgRNA Construct (packaged + DNA)


Quantity: 5-10 x 10^6 TU + 25 ug

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    Custom Inducible Lentiviral sgRNA Construct for CRISPR KO, CRISPRa, or CRISPRi

    Induce the knock out, activation, or repression of your target gene(s) with CRISPR KO, CRISPRa, or CRISPRi tet-inducible sgRNA lentiviral constructs designed by Cellecta. Their flexible design and cloning service (for more details see here) ensures that the sgRNA efficiently and specifically target the genes, isoforms, or promoters you want. Non-targeting, non-specific, and other control guides in any vector backbone are also available.

    • Custom lentiviral constructs for inducible expression of your sgRNA of interest.
    • Tet-inducible sgRNA expression
    • Tightly regulated doxycycline-responsive promoters
    • All-in-one, single vector designs that include both the promoter and tet-responsive regulator
    • Select GFP, RFP, PuroR, BleoR, NeoR, or Hygro-HK markers

    RNA polymerase 2 binds to the U6 promoter to drive expression of sgRNA sequences. Cellecta has developed an inducible version of the U6 promoter by combining its control elements from the bacterial tet-operator into the U6 promoter. When the Tet-Repressor (TetR gene) binds to the modified U6 promoter, transcription is blocked. When tetracycline (or doxycycline) is present, the Tet-Repressor cannot bind, and transcription is active.

    Custom Inducible Lentiviral sgRNA Construct Service Description:

    Let us know your your target gene(s) and -if needed- your required controls, your desired CRISPR application, and your vector of choice, and the following service will be performed:

    • sgRNA Design
    • sgRNA Synthesis and Cloning
    • Delivery of 25 ug sequence verified and purified plasmid DNA and 5-10 x 10e6 functionally titered TU of each construct

    We offer scaled pricing depending on the total number of constructs. Please contact us for a quote.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -80C