Pre-Designed NGS Amplicon Panels

On top of their selection of Premade NGS Amplicon Panel Kits our partner Paragon Genomics have developed more than 100 pre-designed NGS Amplicon Panels together with experts in the fields for a broad variety of applications in areas such as cardiology, hereditary cancer, immunology, neurology and many more.  All of them are based on the unique CleanPlex Technology enabling cost-effective and highly sensitive targeted sequencing with a single-tube 3-hours workflow.

The content of each panel has been curated for representation of the most relevant genes, and several rounds of panel design and in-silico optimization have been performed for each.

You can either order the panel as is and will receive it within 2 weeks of manufacturing time, or the pre-designed content can serve as a good starting point for your Custom NGS Amplicon Panel (up to 5 weeks turn-around time), as you can add and delete genes as needed. Contact us for a quotation!


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