DNA Collection and Room Temperature Preservation

iSWAB-DNA: Superior non-invasive DNA Collection

iSWAB-DNA has been designed for convenient non-invasive DNA collection from buccal cells of humans and animals. In contrast to the use of traditional buccal swab or saliva-based systems MAWI DNA Technologies´ iSWAB-DNA performs with any individual of any age (also elderly humans who may suffer from a dry mouth) with great yields of high molecular weight DNA (up to 30 ug per collection) and extremely low bacterial DNA contamination (<1%).

The iSWAB-DNA Collection Device

The innovative design of MAWI DNA Technologies´ iSWAB™-DNA collection device allows the mechanistic release of cells captured from one or several swabs in a concentrated manner into a proprietary stabilizing bacteriostatic lysis buffer for room temperature transport and long term storage. Swabs are discarded after collection and do not need to be included when shipping the sample.

iSWAB-DNA Kits and Tube Racks for Human and Animal DNA Collection

The system is available for humans (in different sizes) and animals. There is also a special version for forensic applications (e.g. evidentiary fingerprint and stain samples) available:


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