Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput DNA sequencing method that enables rapid sequencing of millions of DNA strands in parallel. This technology is the basis of significant new applications in daily routine and in research, helping to understand our genetic basis. NGS is driving discovery and will transform the future of personalized medicine.

Nucleus Biotech provides CleanPlex Amplicon Panels for enhanced targeted NGS, TELL-Seq Kits for Long-Read Sequencing on the Illumina platform, Hi-C Sequencing kits for spatial genomics, and a Microbiome Profiling Kit for 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing. In the area of RNA Genomics our portfolio comprises eCLIP-seq kits for profiling RNA Binding Protein targets and RNA methylation sites as well as 5´ and 3´UTR sequencing kits and ORF targeted RNA-Seq kits.

On top of an LINE-1 NGS assay and an hybridization capture-based sgRNA enrichment kit for CRISPR NGS we also supply NGS applicable PCR mixes, NGS Library and gDNA Quantification Kits, and magnetic beads for NGS library purification.