NGS Hyb Capture Panel Kits (CATCH-Seq)

CATCH-Seq NGS Panels for Targeted Sequencing of Large Regions

  • Large target regions: 100 kb to 10 mb of contiguous sequence
  • Cover exons, introns, 5’ and 3´ regulatory regions, and flanking sequences
  • Greater specificity by using longer probes (200-300bp)
  • Better coverage of the targeted region including repeats
  • Significantly lower cost than oligo-based probes
  • Multiplexed capture of samples reduces costs

BioDynami´s proprietary CATCH-Seq (Clone Adapted Template Capture Hybridization Sequencing) targeted sequencing technology (Day et al., 2014) leverages genomic BAC clones to generate probes (200-300 bp in size) covering large, contiguous blocks of a genome. This is particularly useful when your research calls for sequencing coding and non-coding regions of genes, including introns and flanking regulatory sequences. Sequencing large target regions including introns make the technology ideal for identification of structural variants and CNV’s. CATCH-Seq target enrichment is also ideal for studies of DNA methylation, by performing targeted bisulfite sequencing after the target enrichment steps.

CATCH-Seq target enrichment technology is compatible with any NGS library or platform. Also, since it requires no oligonucleotide design nor production costs, premade and custom capture reagents are available at a fraction of the cost of other target enrichment methods.

Biodynami´s NGS Hyb Capture Panel kits, based on their proprietary CATCH-Seq technology, as published by Day et al., enable the targeted sequencing of large regions (100 kb to 10 mb of contiguous sequence) and cover exons as well as introns, 5´ and 3´regulatory regions, which is ideal for the detection of SNPs, indels, and structural variants/CNVs.

Premade panels for the Human MHC and KIR loci as well as for a set of 88 breast cancer related genes can be purchased for performing hyb capture from any NGS library or in combination with BioDynami´s NGS DNA Library kit for your convenience.

BioDynami can build any customized CATCH-Seq Panel for you – please let us know your target region/s of interest and we will get back to you with a quote.


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