Sample Collection

Biosampling Reinvented: The iSWAB Sample Collection Advantage.

Collect – Release – Preserve – Transport:  All in a Single Tube

The innovative design of MAWI DNA Technologies´ iSWAB™ sample collection device allows the mechanistic release of cells captured from one or several swabs in a concentrated manner into a proprietary stabilizing buffer for room temperature transport and long term storage. Swabs are discarded after collection and do not need to be included when shipping the sample.

The iSWAB™ sample collection system is designed to facilitate self or assisted non-invasive swab-based sample collection and concentration from a single or multiple swabs into a single tube for room temperature transport and long term storage. In addition the iSWAB™ collection system is optimized for both manual and common automated sample preparation liquid handling workstations without the need for additional accessories.

The system is available for the collection and room temperature preservation of microbiomes, DNA, RNA, and cells. The iSWAB-Microbiome device is also the ideal solution for COVID-19 sample collection.

New: HemaSure-OMICS All-In-One Liquid Biopsy Tubes

For blood collection and RT preservation of cfDNA, CTC, RNA, and gDNA

MAWI DNA Technologies’ newest product development are HemaSure-OMICS tubes for ambient blood collection and preservation of cfDNA, Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC), RNA, and genomic DNA – all in the same tube.