NGS Hyb Capture Panel Kits

CELEMICS Hybridization Capture NGS Panels

The most versatile targeted sequencing solution

Discover Gene Variants (SNV, InDel, CNV, Rearrangements) at highest sensitivity and cost efficiency

Targeted Sequencing using hybridization probe capture enables the unlimited pooling of target sequences. As probes can be tiled and designed to cover challenging regions such as repetitive or GC rich sequences, uniformity of coverage is superior to amplicon-based targeted sequencing approaches:

Sequence Coverage: Hyb capture probe panel (upper image) versus amplicon panel (lower image).

Nucleus Biotech is proud to collaborate with Celemics Inc. who have developed a unique platform for targeted NGS. Celemics use a special algorithm for designing hyb capture probes with superior coverage and uniformity and produce their biotinylated RNA Baits by a proprietary two step manufacturing process in house. This enables the most versatile portfolio of targeted NGS panels available today:

Most comprehensive Whole Exome Sequencing Panel on the market

• Respiratory Virus Panel covering the genomes of 39 virus strains

 Oncology Panels for germline and somatic mutation analyses, suitable for FFPE and ctDNA/cfDNA (liquid biopsies)

 Clinical Exome Panels to detect mutations relevant in hereditary diseases

Specific panels for cardiovascular, neuromuscular, metabolic hereditary diseases and many more

• Add-On Service for all premade panels including the whole exome panel

• Custom Hyb Capture Panels with wet lab tested and rebalanced probes

 Straightforward protocols including fast hybridization and enabling automatization

 Pre-capture pooling option for cost efficient multiplexing

 All panels are available with or without NGS library prep components and accessories (Magnetic beads, Streptavidin beads, Polymerase)

• Compatibility with Illumina, Ion Torrent, Pacific Bioscience, Oxford Nanopore, MGI platforms

 All Celemics Targeted Sequencing solutions are supported by a Full Data Analysis Service if required

Celemics Hybridization Capture Technology

Probe Design

Celemics designs capture probes targeting genes with superior on-target performance, coverage and uniformity, and highest sensitivity enabling input amounts as low as 20 ng (e.g. ctDNA and cfDNA) and the use of highly degraded samples (e.g. from FFPE material).

While other companies purposely mask hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions, making important mutation analysis difficult, Celemics uses their proprietary technology to guarantee excellent capture capabilities, even in these areas.

Probe Manufacturing

Celemics´ cRNA-based biotinylated probes with an average length of 120 bp. are manufactured in house in a cost-effective proprietary 2-step synthesis process which ensures unbiased probe pooling and unmatched lot to lot consistency

Probe Rebalancing

Celemics are the only hyb capture panel provider on the market who rebalance probes which are not performing at even coverage in wet lab NGS assays applying the initial pool. The rebalancing of underperforming probes ensures that all final hyb capture probe panels provided to the end user demonstrate even coverage and uniformity.

Download an Overview of Celemics Customer Publications here

Celemics Analysis Service

If required, Celemics can support you with full bioinformatics services on all levels:

Primary: From FASTQ to Annotated VCF

Secondary: Visualized report about CNV, Indels, Fusions, TMB, MSI etc.

Tertiary: Clinical Relevance Interpretation – please contact us


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