CRVP (Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Panel), All-In-One-Kit (cDNA Synthesis, NGS Library Prep, Hyb Capture, Beads), for pre-capture pooling of 2 x 8 libraries


Quantity: 16 samples

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    Whole Genome Sequencing of 39 Respiratory Viruses including SARS-COV-2

    • Complete Kit: Provides all required reagents, including RNA to cDNA kit, cDNA to captured indexed NGS library kit, and bioinformatics software (Celemics Virus Verifier: FASTQ to Visual Report)
    • Whole Genome Sequencing enables virus variant detection, and discovery of viral mutations (SNV, Indel)
    • Full Bioinformatics Support available when needed
    • For patient specimens as well as environmental samples

    Viruses are continuously evolving in ways that make them increasingly infectious and difficult to cure. Thus, the discovery of specific disease-causing viral strains and research into their ability to spread within individuals in a given population have become a paramount public health issue.

    The Celemics Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Panel (CRV Panel) was developed to detect and sequence respiratory disease-causing viruses in humans using the NCBI RefSeq database as its foundation.
    It allows for the Whole Genome Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 and all its relevant mutations and variants, and enables simultaneous testing of 9 different virus types and its 39 strains of clinically significant and prevalent respiratory viruses:

    SARS-CoV-2 HKU1 NL63 229E OC43

    HBoV1 HBoV2 HBoV3 HBoV4


    Type 1 (HAdV-C1) Type 2 (HAdV-C2) Type 3 (HAdV-B3) Type 4 (HAdV-E4) Type 5 (HAdV-C5)
    Type 7 (HAdV-B7) Type 14 (HAdV-B14) Type 21 (HAdV-B21)

    EV-C104 EV-C105 EV-C109 EV-C117 EV-C118 CV-A21 EV-D68

    Influenzavirus A:: A-H1 A-H3

    Influenzavirus B

    PIV1 PIV2 PIV3 PIV4a PIV4b

    Respiratory Syncytial Viruses:
    RSV A RSV B HMPV (Human Metapneumovirus)

    The All-In-One-Kit for pre-capture library pooling includes a cDNA synthesis kit for converting viral RNA to cDNA – user manual see here – , the NGS Library Kit developed for the Illumina Sequencing platform – user manual see here – and all accessories such as magnetic beads, Streptavidin beads, and Polymerase. For 96, 128, 384, and 768 samples kit sizes please contact us. All-In-One KIts for pre-capture library pooling for Ion Torrent and MGI platforms can also be ordered – please inquire!

    The hyb capture panel – which is suitable for any sequencing platform including Illumina, Ion Torrent, MGI, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore – is also available without accessories and without library prep kit – please contact us us for pricing.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C