Whole Exome Sequencing Panel, All-In-One-Kit (NGS Library Prep, Hyb Capture, Beads), for pre-capture pooling of 4 x 4 libraries


Quantity: 16 samples

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    The world´s most comprehensive whole exome sequencing panel


    Fast and easy-to-automate protocol without use of heavy instruments



    • Targets 21202 human genes (WES Panel Exome List Download)
    • Target Size 37.1 MB
    • All targets featured in other commercial WES panels are included, and relevant additional genes added
    • RefSeq, CCDS, and GENCODE Exon Coverage
    • Gene-Add-On Service when needed- contact us with your wish list
    • Probes targeting mitochondrial or intronic/regulatory regions can also be spiked in – please inquire!
    Celemics´probe design ensures superior on-target performance, coverage, and uniformity
    • Hard to capture sequences such as GC-rich, AT-rich and homologous sequences are equally represented
    • Detection of SNV, Indel, CNV:
    • Input: >50 ng fragmented DNA
    • Rapid Same-Day Workflow and no need for heavy instruments
    • Complete Walkaway Automation
    • Flexible Integration with Illumina and MGI NGS Sequencers
    • Full Bioinformatics Support available when needed



    Celemics´ Whole Exome Sequencing Panel was developed to target the most comprehensive range of human genes commercially available for cost-efficient and sensitive sequencing of the human exome.

    The panel features the highest on-target ratios and the most uniform coverage, enabled by Celemics´ unique probe design and manufacturing technologies:


    Based on enzymatic fragmentation & fast hybridization chemistries and the use of CeleMag and CeleNM beads for library concentration and quantity assessment, the workflow is extremely fast and does not require any heavy instrumentation such as DNA sonicator, tapestation or vacuum concentrator:


    The All-In-One-Kit for pre-capture library pooling includes the NGS Library Kit developed for the Illumina Sequencing platform which includes enzymatic DNA fragmentation reagents as well as CeleMag and CeleMN beads for library purification, concentration and quantity assessment – user manual see here – and also Streptavidin beads and Polymerase. For 48 and 96 samples kit sizes please contact us.
    All-In-One KIts for pre-capture library pooling for the MGI platform can also be ordered – please inquire!

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C