African Swine Fever Virus Panel, All-In-One-Kit (NGS Library Prep, Hyb Capture, Beads), for pre-capture pooling of 3 x 8 libraries


Quantity: 24 samples

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    African Swine Fever Virus Strain and Infection Route Detection by NGS of swine blood derived DNA

    • Detect 26 ASFV genotype II subtypes with specifically designed NGS hyb capture probes
    • Provides swine-specific blocking reagent that effectively blocks repetitive sequences and allows for selectively retrieving the ASFV sequences
    • Convenient testing: Highly accurate results from blood samples, which are challenging due to the lower viral load compared to concentrated culture supernatant or spleen tissue samples
    • Full Bioinformatics Support available when needed
    • Input: >50 ng of fragmented DNA (swine blood)

    The high morbidity and mortality of African swine fever (ASF) has a severe impact on the global swine industry. Currently there are no effective treatments or vaccines commercially available. The ASFV panel is designed to identify 26 strains of genotype II virus in a single NGS run. The panel can be utilized for identifying the cause and infection route.

    The All-In-One-Kit for pre-capture library pooling includes the NGS Library Kit developed for the Illumina Sequencing platform – user manual see here – and all accessories such as magnetic beads, Streptavidin beads, and Polymerase. For 128, 384, and 768 samples kit sizes please contact us. All-In-One KIts for pre-capture library pooling for Ion Torrent and MGI platforms can also be ordered – please inquire!

    The hyb capture panel – which is suitable for any sequencing platform including Illumina, Ion Torrent, MGI, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore – is also available without accessories and without library prep kit – please contact us us for pricing.

    Shipping Conditions: Dry Ice
    Storage Temperature: -20C